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Improving User Conversion Rates on Highly Popular Online Auction Platforms.

Operating online since 2002, Auction Technology Group now runs 4 online marketplaces covering 12 verticals within their Art & Antiques and Industrial & Commercial divisions.

They are bringing their bidders 13,000 auctions a year within an infrastructure that allows secure transactions, easy bidding and comprehensive searching to ensure no opportunity is ever missed.

As a part of their commitment to their bidders, we, product team, have updated the design of the Lot Details page together with user flows. 

Lot details page is the where all users expect to find most relevant information about the item or "lot" that they are interested in, and register for the auction if they would like to. So, It is where conversion (mostly) happens.

My role

During the project, I have worked as UX/UI designer embedded within the product team. Using NPS Surveys and user groups together with heat maps, we have determined main issues with the lot details page and user flow which directly effects user conversion.

Due to nature of traditional auctions, every auction and every lot has a tonnes of information to be read and the platform’s user onboarding process included KYC process. We have found that users either (1)dropped during onboarding through lot page or (2) never considered bidding because of the confusing information layout.

The challenge

Improving inline onboarding process together with reconstructing the IA, so users can understand what they read and act more confidently.

I have worked on creating/improving several user flows during the project

With the help of our own data analysts and conversion manager, we have implemented a number of user tests on the website.

I have used Adobe Illustrator and Sketch to create high fidelity prototypes after finalising the flows we wanted to improve. Invision helped me to bring those prototypes to life.

Evolution of the lot details page


The project is the part of a bigger project which is in fact the overhauling the platforms. The final deliverables include complete user flows, wireframes, interactive hi-fi prototypes (Adobe XD) and final designs of whole website in Sketch and *.ai format. 


Starting from August 2016, the implementation of the project has started with implementation of lot details page and bidding flows and still continues.

You can view the live project on http://thesaleroom.com, https://bidspotter.com and https://bidspotter.co.uk

Early results

After the first iteration, we have seen 40% uplift in Auction Registration, 30% uplift in bidder conversion and 2% uplift in sell through commissions in the first 3 months.

There are several other screens designed, If you would like to see more visual designs of the project please request access by email.

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