I have been working as a designer since 1999 when I started the second university study in Print Technologies and Design. 

I moved to the UK in 2008 from Istanbul, and since then, I've had a chance to work with several small-sized businesses, community schools and start-ups for their branding, web and marketing needs.

Since 2011, I've been more focused on native and Web SAAS applications - UI and Ux Design.

During my 20-year-career, I have had chances to lead several projects and managed across-to-world teams up to 35 people.

I am a results-driven, deadline-oriented, accomplished and have a proven track record of success in creating and designing efficient, cost-effective SaaS applications on desktop and mobile platforms for various organisations and clients. 

I have demonstrated expertise in optimising the user experience through effective and clear designs that enhance brand loyalty and customer retention. I am a highly-skilled project manager adept at committed to deadlines, budget and scope. I am capable of building, training, developing and motivating team members to achieve and build alliances with clients, senior leaders, stakeholders, product owners. 

Thanks for reading. 

You can download my current CV or drop me a line to discuss a project or a position.