Yavuz Yilmaz
Senior UX/UI Designer
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Assemble Volunteer Management

SaaS, Web, Mobile


Assemble is a volunteer management software that is to help organisations successfully connect, manage and retain volunteers. 

While Assemble is relatively new, its parent company DutySheet is not. They are responsible for successfully establishing the first SaaS solution that helps 100% of England and Wales Police Forces manage their volunteers. 

Straight to Work

I joined Assemble team in 2017, as a Senior Ux/Ui Designer to work alongside their development team, between their London and Leatherhead office.

I started making a heuristic review of the whole application and its features. There were new features to be implemented. So. It was essential to understand Assemble and its working principles.

By making the heuristic review, I was able to identify two main issues :

  • It lacked the most basic accessibility rules
  • the UI was inconsistent.


At the discovery phase of my project, I conducted stakeholder/user interviews to get a better understanding of the users, their behaviours and their view on Assemble.

At the end of the interviews, we found that while all loved using Assemble, some users struggled to remember where some of the features located, and some of them had difficulty learning some of the sophisticated features. 

Opportunity Details 

Opportunity Details 

New feature!

With the help of review and interviews, I started working on the new feature. 

First, I created a user flow. 

Then, I have applied accessibility rules, used well-recognised patterns, with little colour in a consistent design. I wanted it to be self-explanatory, so to reduce cognitive load on the users. Humans cannot remember more than 3-4 things at a time; this is the reason I avoided using unnecessary icons.

After completing the design, I created an Invision prototype so that I could test with at least a couple of users and stakeholders.

Upcoming Events with newly designed menus and top bar

Upcoming Events with newly designed menus and top bar

With the user tests, we learned that the simple design was working and it allowed me to apply the same principles to different parts of Assemble which I thought would benefit from it.

I re-aligned the topbar and main menu items by using Gestalt Principles and also redesigned with priority and the use frequency in mind.

While these were low hanging fruits to validate our thesis, I was lucky to find out that they were also the right ones, to begin. 

With every feature redesigned and implemented with the same consistency and the simplicity, the general feedback from stakeholders got better and better.


The whole project lasted nine months, and all deliverables included several dynamic prototypes, UI designs of old and new features of Assemble, custom icons and Web UI library.

I have used Invision to create dynamic prototypes, and Sketch App to create all flows, UI designs, custom icons and the UI library. I used Zeplin App to deliver final designs to developers.

As the project has hundreds of screen designs, I am not able to present all here. If you are interested in viewing them and having a chat about my thought process, please send me an email here.


I've had the pleasure of working with Yavuz for the past 9 months during which time he has been focussed on our SaaS product completely redesigning the UI and approaching a number of new features from a UX perspective. Yavuz is a reliable, punctual, individual who is a master at his craft of UI and UX design. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for similar projects.

Ben Hayes / CEO @ DutySheet Ltd