Yavuz Yilmaz
Senior UX/UI Designer
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LinguaSkill Speaking Test

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As a department of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Assessment provide education programmes and exams in over 170 countries to over 8 million users, offering global recognition. 

Cambridge Assessment is an international not-for-profit organisation with unique strengths and 160 years of expertise. The most extensive research capability of its kind backs their qualifications.

In 2008, I joined UX Lab at Cambridge Assessment as a Senior UX/UI Designer on a contract basis for their "Speaking Test" project. 



User Interviews

First, I have conducted stakeholder interviews together with the department's UX designer to understand the project requirements and the goal of the project. 

After stakeholder interviews, I had the opportunity to attend a moderated user tests, and I conducted ten user interviews. So, I could have a better understanding of the needs, general user behaviour and the possible issues with the current speaking test experience.

With the help of these interviews and tests, we have identified five main issues:

  1. Outdated and widely unsupported technology
  2. The primary user flow is confusing and cluttered.
  3. Hardware (headset and mic) setup is complicated. Users usually need help to solve issues.
  4.  Inconsistency in UI
  5. Low level of accessibility

Online Speaking Test

User Flow

I mapped out the users’ steps to see how I could simplify their journey to help them start and complete the speaking test quickly.

Speaking test main user flow

Speaking test main user flow

Online Speaking Test


After analysing the interviews and watching user test videos, I have re-aligned the primary user flow and created wireframes to address the main issues with the UI.

It was instrumental at this stage, because I believed we could address all the issues and solve user problems without too much design & development effort.

I have used Sketch to create hi-fi prototypes, so that I could demonstrate and explain it with a basic prototype to stakeholders.

Speaking test framer prototype

Speaking test framer prototype

Framer Prototype

After making presentations to all stakeholders and getting "buy-in" from several different ones, I have created an advanced prototype to demonstrate what we can achieve and test with real users.

To be able to test with users, I needed to create a prototype which behaves like the real one. So I have used Framer as it was React-based, and I was able to integrate actual sound content which online speaking test was about!

You can view the speaking test prototype here

User Testing

After creating the Framer prototype, I was able to do a testing round to reveal possible usability problems and validate my thesis.

After three moderated user test, we have learned that our thesis was correct. The new design did not only solved all the main issues, lay a foundation for the future development of "Online Speaking Test" platform.