Yavuz Yilmaz
Senior UX/UI Designer
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Chambers & Partners Design Sprint

Web, B2B

The unknown problem

From stakeholders to the team members, everyone was sure about 1 thing: There was a problem with the website. However, everyone seemed to have a different view on the current issues and the unknown problem. 

To be able to find an answer to this phenomenon, I have organised a Design Sprint session.

Time seems to be a constant problem when it comes to workshops. Sparing five consecutive days in a week was a very long shot. 

We have managed to secure two consecutive days from everyone. I was sure we would be able to do it within the time If I could plan it tight and correctly as I knew about many successful design sprint sessions much shorter than the original edition.

We just needed to understand what the problem is and how we can approach solving it.

Design Sprint
Chambers & Partners Design Sprint

We have started with listing out the problems in everyone's mind. 

There was only 1 rule to this: If you can't convert it to a question, we cannot find an answer. 

After everyone finished listing the issues in their mind, we stuck them onto the whiteboard, grouping similar questions together and so on.

Finding a question to answer

Finding a question to answer

Finding the question the answer

Once we put all the post-its on the board, we had a look at what we have for a few minutes and get to anonymous votes.

At the end of this round, you can have a visual confirmation of what is more or less critical.

End of Day #1

End of Day #1

End of Day #1

By following this method by the lunchtime, we were able to understand and map (1) what we need to focus on (2)Why we focus on that (3) How we are going to do that

The rest of the day we focus on the problem and how we can solve it. All attendees had to sketch and contribute with their own solution.

When we finished for the day, we had several solutions, sketched and ready for the second day.

Day No.2

We have started the day by looking around the sketches everyone created the previous day. We have spent a few minutes around each solution together to understand what it is, how it helps to solve our problem.

After the group session, I have distributed the votes and leave them on their own to look around the solutions and vote for the ones (as a whole and partially) they like better. 

After we found the solutions, we decided how to test them.
Chambers & Partners Design Sprint

Once we decided about the solution, we needed to find a way to test them.

We spent the afternoon working on this. Every one asked questions and create viable user flows to test and develop the solution. Quickly.

Everyone had to create one flow and explain to the rest of the team. 
This session helped everyone to understand the flows better and make even better suggestions.

Once everyone explained their flows, I distributed the votes again and let them vote for their selection.

When the voting completed, we had the user flow so I could move on to building a prototype and testing it with stakeholders and users.

Test flows

Test flows